Work With Us

You can get a personalized package from Avis Kenya, whether individually or as an organization

Business Renters

Membership to Avis Kenya as a business client or owner entitles you to the following:

  • 5% Discount
  • No contract to be signed
  • Regular e-mail update
  • Special agent to handle your business needs

Corporate Clients

As a corporate client member of Avis Kenya, you will enjoy:

  • Detailed management information
  • Dedicated account management
  • Delivery and collection to your do
  • A special agent to handle all your needs

Travel Agent

Are you a travel agent who would like to earn some extra commission? Simply apply for membership at Avis Kenya.

Upon registration, you can log into your account (whose email and password you will have created) and book a vehicle for your clients.

Travel agents get a special reference number for which they can claim their commission on confirmation of booking.

Tour Operators

As Avis Kenya members, tour operators are entitled to discounted rates / contract rates on regular basis to enable you package your tours conveniently and efficiently. Additionally, tour operators enjoy the following;

  • Wide area coverage
  • Full range of vehicles
  • Discount rates
  • 24 hours customer service
  • Booking can be done online also rates are online

Commission Agents

As an individual, you can earn a commission for simply recommending us to a friend!

Complete this form and you will get a special code, upon which we will get back to you for further discussion.



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